Helping seniors stay in their own home

Feeding the homeless

Random Kindness

Occam’s Razor ran food drives for the Red Deer Food Bank

Help neighbours with yard work


Neighbor Give Bikes Away

Cupcake from the neighbour

The Gentle Biker

Making it right

Friendly neighbour

Long Term Care Covid Screener Kindness

It's the little things ...

Lettuce Pray (Let us Pray)

Good neighbours are not so hard to find

Neighbourly caring

A kind Commissionaire!

Endless Volunteer Hours

Family lends portable A/C to new mother of twins

Love for our Homeless

Bower Ponds Clean Up

Library book exchange

Surprise treat basket

Handwritten card

Sylvan Lake sisters raise over $500 for Paws and Claws

Road construction and a little boy

Random act of Kindness

Supportive to my friends and family

Bottled water donation during heat wave

Start an exercise group

Tuesday kindness …

Donation of Water

Movie night

Building strength, building community

When life gives you lemons, make pie

On a mission

Help out whenever you can!

We all start somewhere….

Act of Kindness

Every family needs a night off

Great Neighbour

Red Deer is a kind and caring city!

Challenge friends or coworkers to "Kindness BINGO"!

Order takeout from a local restaurant

Check in with a friend/family member

Be courteous to other drivers

Encouraging Words

Businesses helping other businesses

Listen to a kindness podcast

Help a friend in need

Call a friend or relative to catch up

Be a food ninja!

Give a business a positive online review

Pick up garbage

Share vegetables from your garden

Explore the trails

Support a local business

Volunteer as a school crossing guard

Pick up dog poop

Deliver groceries to a friend or neighbour

Roll your neighbour's carts out to the curb on pick-up day