Random Kindness

I had an extremely tough morning, early June 2021. Our pipes bursted. My mom was away and I was frantically trying to shut the water off. It had gone past my ankles by then. I was exhausted, as I'm not in the best physical shape to be dealing with this all (two total hip replacements and extreme lower back pain). I knew it had to be done or it would have made its way up our 4 level house. Once I got it shut off I decided not to cook breakfast but to grab it at A&W south Red Deer. It wasn't a special holiday or Christmas. As those are the times you see this kind of act happen. It was a regular day. The vehicle ahead of me, I believe an SUV with two women inside, paid for my meal. They had no clue what I had gone through prior. It was like God was telling me everything will be fine. What they did might be small but it made my day. 

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