Occam’s Razor ran food drives for the Red Deer Food Bank

I wanted to highlight some extreme kindness from a local restaurant. We all know that Covid 19 has effected the restaurant industry pretty hard, but one local business decided to take it upon themselves to help others with food insecurity. Not once, but twice while their doors were closed - Occam’s Razor ran food drives for the Red Deer food bank. In exchange for at least 2 non-perishable donations they gave people a gift card to their restaurant to use once they reopened. Later in the year another downtown restaurant suffered a break in. Occam’s Razor took it upon themselves to go buy a gift card to the business and promote it on their page and do a giveaway! They didn’t ask for people to come support them, they asked for people to go support the business who had been broken into! I have watched them cheer on and champion for downtown businesses. They truly are an icon for Red Deer.

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