Making it right

I had asked a friend to stop by with a wrench that I needed to finish returning my pea trap to its spot under the bathroom sink. As we discussed the aging status of some of the parts under that sink, I mentioned that I liked to bundle non urgent plumbing jobs together before I called a plumber. At that point I showed him one more under the kitchen sink. A kitchen sink that was installed by a local countertops company couple years ago. Part of the pipe had been cut too short and resulted in water pouring out at times. Two callbacks to the company that had the job, did not fix problem. Third time I called, I did not even get courtesy of a return call. So I made do with a bucket under that side of the double sink and tried not to use that sink. 
 How touched was I when, the next day my friend called to say he had some time in his day and would come fix the kitchen plumbing, for good. Six hours later, involving numerous trips to plumbing supply for puzzling parts, I can relax knowing drips and water under my sink are no longer a concern. 

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