Encouraging Words

Since the beginning of the pandemic last March 2020, I got inspired from some people off the News. They were writing encouraging words on the sidewalk or signs in their windows for people passing to see. I live in a condo, so the sidewalk and the window wouldn't work for me as I live on the 4th floor. So I had decided to write an encouraging words/quotes on our condo door. I would take a picture of it and share it on my facebook and instragram pages. I am at day 407- well over a year. and I have promised my neighbors and facebook/instagram followers/friends that I will continue this til the W.H.O. has released the pandemic is no more. Yes it could be awhile.

Many of my neighbors have told me that my posters have helped them with their mental health during this pandemic... I have received notes under my door and nearly everyday I hear from one of our neighbors.. thanking me... as well as many of my online family. Besides it helping others it really has helped my mental health... there was days I wanted to give up.. but my husband said, people look forward to your posts... 

I have attached a pic for the one for today. I have nearly 2 large binders full. :)

I am not one to brag.. but I am proud that I have reached so many and have help not only myself but others as well.

I have had a publishing company approach me and asked me about putting these quotes of encouraging words into a book... 


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