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Where have all the ninjas gone?

November 25, 2020

Remember in March when we were supporting each other through a life-altering change of pace?

When we were FaceTiming loved ones, sharing inspirational quotes, putting relationships first, praising our health care and frontline workers, and simply supporting one another as best we could. Where has it all gone?

Remember when we stepped out of our front doors and banged on pots and pans every night at 7 p.m. as a show of support for our healthcare workers?

Remember when we ninja’d our friends, neighbours and perfect strangers just to spread kindness, love and positivity?

Remember when we decorated our windows, driveways and neighbourhoods with messages of hope?

Remember when we picked up the phone to have a real conversation with someone instead of meaningless banter over social media?

Remember when we felt like life would go back to normal very soon?

We do too.

Here we are, nine months into a marathon journey with the COVID-19 pandemic, an experience that most of us could never have predicted. Some of us lost jobs that we still haven’t gotten back, some haven’t seen family members and friends since this began, some people live with a lingering feeling of anxiety and loneliness, and some people have lost loved ones. Loved ones that they haven’t been able to mourn for properly, or gather to celebrate their life because of COVID-19.

Alberta Health Services acknowledges, “…there may be heightened awareness, concern, anxiety and fear. For many, a sense of loss or feeling like you don’t have control may be common. Try to be patient with yourself and others because people may not cope like they usually do.”*

This is hard - it was hard in March and it is even more difficult now, nine months later. But where has all of the community support gone - the love, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness and the togetherness? And how can we get it back?

As we approach the holiday season, as a community, we can do better.

Maybe it is simply shovelling a walk for a neighbour, dropping a coffee card in a mailbox or purely saying hello as you see others out and about. Kindness is contagious too, let’s spread that instead! More important than the act of gifting is the act of doing; acts of service. Treat others with kindness. Remember that the barista at your local coffee shop is going through this pandemic just like you, the principal at your child’s school is going through this pandemic just like you, the neighbour who can’t seem to shovel their walk soon enough, is going through this pandemic just like you. Everyone in this community is impacted by COVID-19, and no it doesn’t all look the same for everyone, and yes some people are more deeply affected than others, but we really are in this together. Let’s get back to that.

So as you do your holiday shopping (hopefully we can do more of that locally this year) remember to leave a positive impact wherever possible, and let’s get back to being a community full of kindness ninjas.

So, where have all the ninjas gone? We know you’re still out there - continue to spread kindness and love where you can, our community needs you more than ever. Tag your positive posts with #ChristmasKindnessRD or #RDNinjas and let us know what you’re doing to make our community Merry and Bright!

Remember, if you are struggling, you are not alone. If you feel overwhelmed or need support, call the AHS Mental Health Helpline at 1-877-303-2642, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information about the Canadian Mental Health Association in Red Deer, visit

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