Community Stories

This was definitely our moment

March 02, 2019

The past two weeks have been a celebration of many moments.

The past two weeks have been a celebration of many moments. Moments that propelled the careers of athletes forward. Moments where our community and Canada realized that we have some of the best venues in the country. Moments of broken records, moments of community pride, and moments we came together to celebrate inclusivity and the rich cultural diversity of our community and our nation. We stood strong together as Canadians, knowing our country is a place of peace for all people.

The 2019 Canada Winter Games experience has been a defining moment for Red Deer and our community spirit shone brightly throughout.

Local athletes stood on the podium and received gold medals. Seven records were broken on the outdoor speed skating oval at Great Chief Park, Team Alberta took home a record breaking number of medals, and more than 5,000 volunteers came out to help in every way possible, always with a smile on their faces.

Red Deerians, you filled the stands and downtown streets every day. You celebrated diversity at the first ever Pride Days at a Canada Games, and with your standing ovation of the Orontes Guitar Quartet, a band that fled Syria, you showed that Canadians are just great people.

You came together, oozing with pride, sportsmanship and a huge sense of accomplishment as we celebrated the accomplishments of all the athletes, coaches, families and volunteers, together at the closing ceremonies.

As the 2019 Canada Games come to an end, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to look back and relish every moment that we created, experienced, shared and curated. Thank you Red Deer for being a part of our moment.