Community Stories

RCMP member makes a splash to catch a suspect

May 03, 2019

For RCMP members no two days are the same, and for Constable Charles Audet, April 21 certainly was a unique day.

While assisting another member with a stolen vehicle investigation in Fairview, he found himself in a foot pursuit of a fleeing suspect. Constable Audet gave chase to the suspect through the thick woods along Kerry Wood Drive, eventually ending up at the BMX park. Despite being told repeatedly to stop because he was under arrest, the suspect continued to flee and entered the Red Deer River.

With Constable Audet following him along the north shore and additional members waiting on the south shore near the CPR Bridge, the suspect continued to float down the middle of the river.

As time progressed, Constable Audet became concerned for the safety of the suspect, given the temperature of the water this time of year. Noting some citizens in an inflatable boat nearby, Constable Audet borrowed the boat and entered the river. 

At this point, the suspect was advising that he was losing feeling in his arms and legs and was having difficulty swimming. Safely in the boat, Constable Audet continued to talk to and monitor the suspect while navigating him to a small rocky island in the river, where the suspect was then apprehended.

While on the island, Constable Audet administered first aid to the suspect, who was showing signs of hypothermia. With no blankets, Constable Audet removed his RCMP duty shirt to provide warmth until Red Deer Emergency Services arrived with their rescue boat.

“Constable Audet went above and beyond his duties in this instance,” said Superintendent Grobmeier, Officer in Charge of the Red Deer RCMP. “He unselfishly put the suspect’s welfare at the forefront, and ultimately was able to apprehend the suspect, while ensuring his own safety, as well as the safety of the suspect.”  

The suspect is now facing 10 Criminal Code charges, including possession of stolen property, resisting a peace officer, breach of recognizance and other offences.