Community Stories

Neighbours and friends get through winter together

March 04, 2020

Meet our Snow Buddy, Kevin.

We’ve lived on our Close since 2002. Kevin and Melodie moved next door about 11 years ago; they had a new baby, and our kids were just entering their teens. They’ve lived through being next door neighbours of teenagers (with all the requisite noise from kids in the back yard and around the fire pit late at night) and now it’s our turn to enjoy the sound of kids bouncing on the trampoline and playing soccer in the back yard! 

We were in Hawaii in January and our daughter had left her car in front of our house. When the snow plow schedule came out, our house sitter tried to put the car onto the driveway but it wouldn’t start in the cold weather. We were far away and felt pretty helpless to solve the problem. I texted Melodie to ask if Kevin could go over and help out the house sitter. 

“He’ll be over in a couple minutes.” She said. 

It took him about half an hour at -40 to get the car running and safely into the garage, and he did it with a smile on his face, putting my house sitter at ease. I got to continue to enjoy my vacation without worry, and come home to a happy house sitter too! Words can not say how grateful I am to have neighbours like Kevin and Melodie; people to share a wave and smile with as we come and go, and always trust to help out in a crunch. We also love watching the neighbourhood kids make a snow fort out of the snow pile that the plow creates in the middle of the close. 

With retired folks, young families and empty-nesters, we love our neighbourhood and wouldn’t trade our Close for anything. We even look forward to the time that the kids next door start enjoying the late night fire pits!