Community Stories

Lending a helping hand

November 25, 2019

November 10 was a snowy morning in Red Deer.

November 10 was a snowy morning in Red Deer. Around 6 a.m. staff at the Collicutt Centre started their duties before opening for a busy day. With the large amount of sidewalk space around the Collicutt, the Centre usually has a skid steer to clear snow; however, that piece of equipment is currently out for repair leaving the staff to shovel the snow by hand. 

As Darlene Tracy went about her regular routine that morning, she was surprised to discover two people were outside the west doors shoveling.

“I was so shocked I went out to find Phil Streight out there with a shovel in hand,” said Tracy. “He said he just wanted to help, he wasn’t scheduled, he was not getting paid; he just wanted to help.”

Tracy was so impressed with the selfless act; she sent a note to the entire staff so they could all thank him.

“We have amazing people who truly are the heart of what we do,” said Barb McKee, Recreation Superintendent with The City. “There are amazing things going on all around us.”