Community Stories

Kids Clean Up

September 26, 2019

A group of kids from a Vanier Woods day home recently got an extra treat for a job well done.

The group set out on a beautiful Friday morning to do a good deed and help clean up the neighbourhood. As they combed through sidewalks and back alleys filling their garbage bags, they noticed a Waste Management truck had stopped not far from them. Their excitement grew as the truck driver got out and asked what they were doing. The kids let the driver know that they were cleaning up the neighbourhood by picking up garbage and the driver commended them on a job well done and offered them a sneak peek at the garbage truck.

“They were so excited that the truck stopped and they got an up-close view of the truck,” said Asma Muneer, owner of the day home. “We usually treat them to a pizza party but to have the truck stop and thank them personally was so special for them.”