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It’s Toryn Time

February 15, 2019

It’s thirty below and snow is falling around two parents who are excitedly taking pictures of their son.

It’s thirty below and snow is falling around two parents who are excitedly taking pictures of their son. Their pride is palpable as they look on to Toryn -  decked out in a red jacket, Canada toque, Canada Winter Games flags and the glaringly obvious gold and silver medals hung proudly around his neck. Toryn and his parents, Bill and Linda, are waiting for the MNP Torch Relay to arrive at the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, where he will have his moment to run alongside Mayor Tara Veer.

Braving the cold, they explain that Toryn and the Mayor have been friends for over four years now; a friendship that began at a Toastmasters class for persons with special needs. Since then they have held a special friendship, one that has Toryn meeting her at Bower Ponds each Canada Day and joining her at the Opening Ceremonies for the Canada Winter Games tonight – something Toryn is very excited about.

Linda, Toryn’s mom, gushes about Mayor Tara Veer, “she’s been so wonderful to us and taken a special interest in Toryn, so when she called to ask if he wanted to run he was just so excited.”

Mayor Veer echoed Toryn’s excitement as she saw him from down the trail and called out for him to join her. As they shared a quick embrace bystanders cheered, tears snuck down Bill’s cheeks, and Toryn took off running!

Toryn knows how to seize a moment. He competed, and continues to compete, in Special Olympics events throughout Canada. Those medals that Toryn has around his neck are from winning gold in curling at the 2019 Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games in Calgary, and silver in golf at the Special Olympics Canada 2018 Summer Games in Nova Scotia.

Toryn’s love of sport is obvious as his mom proudly tells of his accomplishments: “he will continue to compete; he loves it and we do too. He has wide interests and participates in golf, curling, bowling swimming, baseball and power lifting.”

As a distinguished athlete himself, there is no doubt that Toryn can relate to the young athletes competing in the 2019 Canada Winter Games. Toryn and his family will be watching, along with thousands of spectators from around Canada.

Way to seize your moment Toryn!

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