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Increased use resulting in decreased crime

September 09, 2020

Back in March, as many of us were told to stay home and our usual routines were interrupted, we started doing new things and we picked up interests from years gone by. We began walking. We walked in our neighbourhoods, in the trail system, and in places we’ve never explored before.

 In fact, between March and May 2020, trail use in Red Deer increased a whopping 34 per cent.

With all these people out and about, the Red Deer RCMP noticed another trend; property crime numbers for this year are down. 

Mounties have recorded the following improvements so far in 2020, compared to 2019:

  • 41 per cent decrease in theft of motor vehicle
  • 20 per cent decrease in theft under $5000
  • 19 per cent decrease in property crime
  • 18 per cent decrease in criminal code cases
  • 15 per cent decrease in break and enters

“So far this year, our property crime stats are trending extremely well,” said Superintendent Gerald Grobmeier, Officer in Charge of the Red Deer RCMP.

While the factors that influence crime rates are varied and complex, one contributing factor could be the increased use of The City’s parks and trails system.

“The past six months, we’ve seen a drastic increase in the number of people out and about, walking and using public spaces, and that in turn, creates fewer opportunities for criminals,” said Superintendent Grobmeier. “Most property crimes are crimes of opportunity, where criminals intentionally target places where no one will see them.”

With more people out and about, opportunities for thieves become more scarce.
As we head into Fall, and people resume their old routines, Red Deer RCMP asks you do the following to protect your property:

  • Keep walking in your neighbourhoods and know your neighbours.
  • Lock your vehicle doors and never leave your vehicle idling with the doors unlocked.
  • Secure your property when leaving for work or school. Ensure exterior doors and windows are locked.
  • Deter bike theft, by registering your bike with 529 Garage.
  • If you have a security camera, register it with CAPTURE.
  • When you see something suspicious or a crime in progress, report it by calling 403-343-5575.

For more information on tips to prevent property crime, visit: