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Hand Sanitizer brewing at Troubled Monk

March 22, 2020

Breweries all over the world are taking initiative to develop hand sanitizer as they already hold the required licensing. Red Deer’s own Troubled Monk has turned to the World Health Organization for an effective recipe and strict production guidelines.

The team at Troubled Monk has been busy with an all hands on deck attitude to turn these hard times into a way to positively contribute to our community.

“Now that the reality of COVID-19 is affecting our community; we need to do what we can to help others and sustain local businesses,” says Charlie Bredo, Owner of Troubled Monk Brewery. Charlie felt strongly about producing hand sanitizer at the brewery when he realized his business and the community were going to be heavily affected by the pandemic.

Charlie says he is taking a sensible approach to the balance of selling and giving the hand sanitizer. “The more we can sell, the more groups in need we can help.” Production of the product is in high gear and distribution is the next step. Businesses in essential services can purchase the hand sanitizer in one gallon jugs and organizations that do not have access to hand sanitizer but are in need can contact Troubled Monk at

Local citizens will soon be able to purchase the product for personal use and canning will begin this week. Distribution outlets of the hand sanitizer for personal purchase is still being worked out.

“Like so many businesses, I have the best team and now more than ever we need to support local, let’s do our best to keep people employed and support each other.” More information about Troubled Monk’s hand sanitizer is on their Facebook page.

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