Community Stories

Capturing this time of physical distancing

April 05, 2020

In a time when we are asked to stay home and avoid physical contact with those outside our household, photographer Lesley Jean Young has found a way to both document and celebrate this unprecedented time.

Normally a family photographer, Lesley has shifted her focus to front porch portraits.

She calls them Door Stop Photo Ops, and they involve visiting different neighbourhoods in Red Deer (outside school hours and weather permitting) and taking photos of families and housemates (endearingly called “quarantine teams”) on their front steps. She stays at her vehicle, uses a telephoto lens and provides the photos to her clients digitally, to ensure physical distancing guidelines are followed.

“I just thought it would be a unique opportunity to chronicle this time in our history and maybe bring a little light into dull days,” said Lesley. “Some families have appreciated the opportunity to get a photo while they are all together while others have used the opportunity to illustrate what life is like while social isolation is in effect.”

Lesley guesses she’s completed 35 sessions and has at least 60 clients on her waiting list. She says the project helps her to feel connected to the community, and she’s encouraged by the positive feedback she’s received. There is no cost for the photo session, and any donations received will be directed towards local emergency efforts.

For more information or to request a session, see Lesley’s Facebook Page, Photography by Lesley Jean.

Apr 5 COVID Photography Story - collage