Community Stories

Planting seeds to grow a community

May 09, 2019

The Bower Community Association has been planting seedlings along Barrett Drive and east of Bannerman Close for many years and 2019 marks the 20 year anniversary.

Although there is fantastic community support that needs the recognition, Larry Barabonoff and his entire family of 10 have continued to promote this event. The City supplies seedlings, shovels and City park land to plant but it's the volunteers that have made it a success and come out to plant an average of 500 seedlings yearly. Some of the seedlings planted 20 years ago are now 2-4 metres tall. The City promotes reforestation using forest type tree and shrub species for these community reforestation events. Not only is it a fun event, our residents benefit with increases to our urban forest biodiversity and wildlife habitat. 

This year’s event took place May 11 at the Boyce Street Community Association shelter. Thanks to Larry and family for years of supporting this initiative.