Community Stories

A show of support for local businesses

March 26, 2020

Across our community we’re seeing friends, families and neighbours step up to support one another, be it through phone calls, grocery delivery or messages of hope on the sidewalk. Well, Red Deer’s small business community is no different.

Husband and wife duo Matt and Andy Cassidy, owners of local insurance business Beyond Insurance Inc., are doing their part to protect health and safety of staff and clients, while also giving a leg up to local businesses.

“Our hearts are raw for our small business community and we have been searching for ways to support our local businesses through this pandemic” Andy wrote in a heartfelt Facebook post. “Matt and I have come up with some tangible, actionable things our business can do to support the incredibly brave and resilient businesses around us.”

In an effort to support the local business community, the company is encouraging their staff to continue supporting local and will allow staff to expense one meal a week from a locally owned restaurant. The company will also be rolling out a Back the Small Biz contest on Facebook, offering prizes in the form of gift cards and product from locally owned businesses, and has created resources for local business owners to help get them through the crisis.

Discussing her passion for championing local community, Andy noted while she and Matt have always supported local businesses, amid the COVID-19 crisis “it's with a little more passion, a little more aggression and all the love for our community we can give.”

It’s initiatives like these which allow our community to move forward and support one another through this crisis.